Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Law of Abundance

The Law of Abundance states that the universe will ensure that there is a plentiful supply of everything–good and bad–and in order for you to realize the abundance of the universe, all you must do is simply observe it and embrace it.
Look around you and realize there is an abundance of EVERYTHING. Dig a few inches into the dirt and you will find ants, bugs, and worms. Throw seeds on the ground and you will soon see birds flocking to feast on the seeds. Take a drive on the highway and you will see many cars. Go to the city and you will see many people, etc.
You can choose to notice a group of smiling and laughing teenagers as you walk down a city street, or you can choose to notice the bum on the corner harrassing people for money. Just what you choose to observe in that situation is the difference between saying, “They look like they’re having a good time,” and being happy, or saying, “That bum is making people uneasy,” and feeling negative.
You can say that this is just merely being selective, but we are ALWAYS selective and that is my point. You CAN’T observe both. Rich people focus on opportunities and poor people focus on obstacles. A man who’s good with women focuses on the women who desire him, NOT the ones who have no interest in him. When Donald Trump was being criticized by an interviewer about his bankruptcy, he said something in the effect of, “Who the hell talks like that? Who’s going to succeed talking like that?”
And he’s right.
You can’t be positive AND negative at the same time–it’s impossible. You must realize that we as humans can never see reality for what it TRULY is because our brains are always filtering out what we want to see and what we don’t want to see.
People can say there is a shortage on energy because of gas prices and oil spills and such–but there can never be a shortage on energy because energy is everywhere and comes in many different forms other than oil. If you don’t believe me, then you must have not heard of electrical energy and solar energy. In New York City where I currently live, hybrid buses are now being powered by electricity to help reduce pollution and gas consumption. There are also other hybrid cars as well that are more designed to be more energy efficient. As humans, we are fully capable of using alternative energy, but as long as people want to look at oil as if it’s the ONLY thing that can fuel our vehicles, they will continue to feel that there is a shortage of power and energy.
Do not be fooled by the media, who tend to focus on all the bad happenings in the world–after all, that’s what attracts attention: you cannot sell a paper on how a mother raised her kid well, but you can sell a paper on how a mother drowned her child in a bathtub. Bottom-line, the media sells hype, not truth. News is a business in the same way a fast-food place is a business.
Now, to utilize the law of abundance, you must focus on what it is you want, and to trust that the universe has plenty of it in store for you, and to observe it and acknowledge it when the universe brings it to you! It’s that simple. In fact, all the universal laws are so simple that it’s sometimes hard to believe. You have to remember though, that most of us were raised in a society that overcomplicated everything. As a result, you may tend to ignore simple solutions and stress yourself out trying to find a more complex solution when the answer has been inside you all along. If you’re that type of person, it may be hard accepting such simple concepts at first, but if it changed my life, I’m sure it can change yours.
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Friday, June 3, 2011

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